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Friday, February 7, 2014


DJ DIRECT (Drai's - Las Vegas)

Next up we have DJ Direct's first edit pack on 2000Down.  I've known Terrence since the late 90s before he moved to Vegas and the homie had my back since the days when DJs only played vinyl.  Nowadays he's rocking all over Vegas and beyond and holds down the cities #1 after-hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Direct's edits are a little different than what your used to, they're called quick drops and they are meant to be scratched in or dropped in at the right time to build energy or change tempo.  Grab this exclusive edit pack and get linked to all of Direct's networks here -

Drake - Worst Behavior 
Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Rick Ross - Marble Floors
Big Sean - Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2000Down Exclusive: Interview with founder DJ ISAAC JORDAN

   You can find traces of DJ Isaac Jordan in just about every major city in the United States and abroad. Where he hasn't landed, his music certainly has. A deft part-rocking DJ and holder of many frequent flyer miles, you'd never get 'superstar DJ vibes' emanating from Issac's warm smile and humble but witty candor. In addition to shaking dance-floors from coast-to-coast, he is one of the most respected creators of multi-genre DJ-friendly edits and remixes. His catalog of custom DJ edits, over a thousand deep and growing each day, have been supported by fellow tastemakers DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Irie  and Z-Trip to name just a few. He is the founder of a well-trafficked DJ music blog, 2000Down, which has featured exclusive content from DJ Vice, DJ Scene, Sat1 and Victor Menegaux among others. He dedicates what little spare time he has to producing remixes and original content geared towards the forward-thinking club DJ. 

   A soccer aficionado with a penchant for the tasty, fresh and organic, Isaac's most 'filling' pastime revolves around cooking and eating locally grown gourmet delights.  Loved by his contemporaries and respected by the OG's, Isaac Jordan is one of the most humble, hard-working and talented professional DJ's I know, and I'm grateful to consider him a friend. In his own words...

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you rep?
Isaac.  Philadelphia. Avocados, 2000Down + SET Artist Management.

You've been gigging like crazy these days. Every time I text you you're in a different time zone haha! Can you give us an idea of what your touring schedule is like?

Currently I have 4 nights in Philly and 5 nights in NYC per month.  I hold quarterly residencies in Atlantic City and Washington DC. I'm moving to San Francisco this March so I'll be working overtime to establish myself there as well as looking to get busy in Vegas, Scottsdale, LA, San Diego and the rest of the west.  

Congrats on the move to the west coast! Why San Francisco?

I visited SF 6 or 7 years ago and absolutely fell in love with the city.  The aesthetic, the vibe, the culture, the food, the weather and especially the people.  I promised myself to live there someday and the time was right so I jumped at it.

Tell us about the Rubix Qube days, and how you got your start with DJ'ing?

I started DJing in '98 while I was living in Arizona for school.  I moved in with a good friend named DJ Sam Slade.  He had a day-job and I didn't. He also had Technics. He told me to mess around on his tables whenever I felt like it and for the remainder of the time I lived with him I would play for about 8 hours a day.  I started spinning house parties and then spun first rave through DJ Mykill (great producer, check him out!). I had a few different DJ names over the first year or so but RubixQube stuck and I went by that during my rave days which were from 1998 until about 2002.  Florida funky + UK breaks, disco house, drum+bass and jungle all the way.

You're well known as a party-rocking DJ, but your reputation often precedes you as one of the most consistent dudes releasing DJ-friendly edits. How has this impacted your career?

It's been great in the fact that I can go to major cities around the world and have other DJs open to working with me plus all of the free shots of tequila por favor.  I also love to turn other people onto songs that might have gone otherwise unnoticed.

Tell us more about 2000Down? What motivates you to keep it going? Why give away free edits? What has the reaction been like?

2000Down started as a place for me to share edit packs with friends of mine.  I figured it would be easier to have a blog to post links than to email everyone individually.  A couple months in the traffic started doubling and tripling and then people started tweeting and emailing me thanking me for the edits which was a big surprise.  A DJ named Big Al from Glasgow, Scotland was the first guy who emailed me his edits to post, after that it was a wrap.  I started to reach out to my favorite edit guys and just about all of them were happy to share their work on the blog.  
I work with now so I give away about a third of my edits for free and the rest get posted there (how to sign up and discount coupon at the end of this post).  I keep the blog going (with a massive amount of help from DJ Alykhan) to help promote DJs and producers I like.  I'm in the talks with a few other guys about contributing and have a re-design in the works.  

Who are your favorite DJ's to play/work alongside? Who are some DJ's/Producers you would like to work with but haven't yet?

Way too many to name here but the two names that pop into my mind initially are Dj Jekey and Dj Sat1.  Watching all the production that goes into both of their live sets really changed the way I went about my pre-gig preparation.  Both of these guys are extremely technical, knowledgable, dedicated and creative. Have to shout at Dj Cred, Dj Katch, Dj Martial, Ah Yeahh, Dexter Love, Dj Bonics, E-Rock, Vice, Craze, DJ EPX, Chazzta, FreshOne, Stef Nava, DJ Freefall, Neil Jackson, Audio1, DJ Schuller, DJ Direct, CFLO, Troy Quan, Dj Kontrol, Kevin Kong, DJ Excel, Trevitt, Neil Armstrong, Just Blaze, Ghost, Elvis Suarez, Patrice McBride, Miss Jade, Bizz, Drew Pierce, Donk - those are the homies! (I know I'm forgetting a few here…)

I'd love to work with Dj Q-Bert someday.  I opened up a few stages for him in my rave days and would go home and scratch all night/morning after seeing him live.  Some others that I hope to collab with at some point are Z-Trip, Fatboy Slim, Chuckie, Dj Mustard, Bob Sinclar, Lil Jon, Gigamesh, Dj Snake….

All organic everything - why is food so important to you?

I love the way I feel when I eat right. My energy and creativity levels are through the roof when I'm drinking lots of juices, staying away from sugar and having my diet consist  of lean meats, fruits and vegetables.   I mentioned it before on the site but I really hope everyone takes a couple hours to watch Hungry for Change (youtube link), total game-changer for me.  Take care of your bodies people!

When you're not prepping for gigs, what/who are you listening to?

Artists: Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Mos Def, Daft Punk, Atoms For Peace, Gorillaz, Beck, Prince.  

Genres: Deep House, Soulful Moombahton,  Indie Pop, Funk, 80s/90s hip hop, Alt Rock, Folk. 

For the amount of high-profile gigs you play, you maintain a relatively low-key but genuine persona? What keeps you so humble and motivated?

I try to never to get too comfortable.  I've found a great way to do this is to change cities every couple of years.  It might not make the most sense financially but it makes for an interesting life and an eclectic network  plus your constantly proving yourself all over again which really keeps you grinding hard.  Can't wait to see what San Francisco has in store.

You've held down international residencies and done some pretty extensive continental  tours. Favorite cities here and abroad? Career highlights so far?

In the US I might be biased but I really love spinning in my hometown of Philadelphia.  People know their music in Philly, there isn't too much pretentiousness and they're are always ready to get loose on the dance floor    Honorable mentions to Vegas, Washington DC and Miami.

Abroad - Barcelona has an energy like no other ~ Viva Barca! 

Any Shoutouts?

Tosher Pimp Good Game


Link with Isaac online 

23 (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Mike Will Made It Ft. Miley, Wiz & Juicy J
23 (Isaac Jordan Transition 128-70)(Dirty) - Mike Will Made It Ft. Miley, Wiz & Juicy J
Animal (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Miike Snow
At Night (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Shakedown
Blow (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Clean) - Beyonce
Clappers (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Wale f. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J
Dance With Me (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Basto
Dancing On My Own (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Robyn
Danger (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Mystikal
Down To This (Cesqeaux Remix)(Isaac Jordan Edit) - Chuckie x Dzeko x Torres
Drunk In Love (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Beyonce
Fuck You (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Yo Gotti
Heads Will Roll (Isaac Jordan Acapella In Edit) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs x A-Trak
Hey Hey (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Dennis Ferrer
I Am (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Axwell & Sick Individuals Feat. Taylr Renee
Intro (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke
Lisztomania (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Phoenix
Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Isaac Jordan Just Kanye Edit)(Dirty) - Big Sean
Never Be Your Woman (Isaac Jordan 'No Wiley' Edit) - Wiley ft Emeli Sandé
Partition (Isaac Jordan Edit)(Dirty) - Beyonce
Personal Jesus (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Depeche Mode
Revolutioin (Isaac Jordan Edit) - R3hab, Nervo, Ummet Ozcan
Stay The Night (Nicky Romero Remix)(Isaac Jordan Edit) - Zedd ft. Hayley Williams
Sunshine (Isaac Jordan Acapella Out Edit)(Clean) - Jay-Z ft Babyface
Sunshine (Isaac Jordan Acapella Out Edit)(Dirty) - Jay-Z ft Babyface
Take Me Over (Bingo Players Remix)(IJ Acapella In Edit) - Manufactured Superstars
Used 2 (Isaac Jordan Transition 130-89)(Dirty) - 2 Chainz
Walking On A Dream (Isaac Jordan Acapella Out) - Empire Of The Sun
What's On Your Mind (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Information Society
Wizard (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway


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2000Down Exclusive: DJ KATCH January 2014 Edit Pack

Our homie and BreakzRUs contributor DJ KATCH from Germany is back with another dope pack of edits for the working DJ!!  It a nice collection of new and classic hip-hop, twerk, moombahton, trap, etc. - peep those acapella outs!  

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Me & My Bitch (DJ Katch Refix).mp3
Adorn (Moombahton Remix _ DJ Katch Edit).mp3
All I Do (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3
Boss Ass Bitch (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3
Champagner für Alle (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3
Clap It Up (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Intro).mp3
Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Aca In _ Trap Remix).mp3
Hello Kitty (DJ Katch Remix).mp3
Hip Hop Dubstep Remix (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3
Hip Hop Hooray 2013 (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca In & Out).mp3
Ice-T (DJ Katch Refix).mp3
Leave It (DJ Katch Edit).mp3
Murder Dem (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3
Nasty (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca In & Out).mp3
P.I.M.P. (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3
Twerk (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca In & Out).mp3
Wine (DJ Katch Edit).mp3
Yeah (DJ Katch Edit _ Aca Out).mp3


Breaking Records: PuppyLuv

PuppyLuv is the bi-coastal brainchild of DJ's Dexter Love (NYC) and Spiro (LA).  Crafting dance music of a unique variety, they're slated to released several tracks over the next month or so. Keep an eye on their Soundcloud and get in touch here:

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