Sunday, March 7, 2010


DJ JAZZY JEFF (Philadelphia, USA)
aka Ffej
(Deckstar / Dj Hero)

Jeff is one of the biggest names in the DJ biz for good reason. He rocks crowds all around the world, produces platinum albums, inspires DJs everywhere and represents us Philly folk to the absolute fullest. Here's some of the living legends personal mixes made under the moniker Ffej that show his diversity and love for music of all kinds...

If you missed this download it right now
"Dj Jazzy Jeff presents..... My Favs vol 1"

& For everything Else Jazzy Jeff


JH said...

I can't wait to check these out. DLing now...

Jeff's comin through our area up in the chilly North on April 2nd.. Couldn't be more excited, gonna be amazing and can't wait to meet the man.
I was lucky enough to have snagged the contract to do the poster for the event - get at me on fb if you read this. ("Johnston Schmonston")... Love your work. This blog is tops...


DJ Isaac Jordan said...

The Izzo Jack Had em goin bonkers at the club last weekend... get on it~