Thursday, April 29, 2010


Over (EZ Money 130-79 TransDown) - Drake

Show Me The Way (Chriss Ortega RMX/IJ Edit) - White Shoes

Hard To Beat (Axwell RMX/IJ Edit) - Hard-Fi

So It Goes (IJ edit) - Bart B More

So It Goes (IJ synth-intro edit) - Bart B More

All I Gave 2 U - (Eric Smax RMX/IJ edit) - DJ Delicious

Change For Me (IJ edit) - Erro

Idlewild Blues (IJ edit) - Outkast

21 Questions (IJ edit) - 50 Cent

Let My Love Open The Door (IJ edit) - Pete Townshend

Rhythm Of The Night (IJ quick edit) - DeBarge

Seventeen (IJ quick edit) - Ladytron

zipped up here~~~~

Do you prefer me zipping up packs of edits this way or track by track?


DJ FRE said...

its all good as long as you keep them coming

thanks bro

Scout said...

Zips are great.. thanks.

White Trash Matt said...

track by track, IMO

Chris said...

Track-by-track is ideal, but the .ZIP packs work fine. Cheers either way.

Rhieanne said...

I prefer track by track.

Serena said...

track by track :)

dinostyla said...

track by track is better as we can listen to each one before downloading. Different strokes for different folks and all that ;)

DJ Isaac Jordan said...

Of course the option that is more time consuming... I'll do track for track unless its a big batch like this one, then just grab the zip n keep the ones you like. Actually looking at buying some server space and bypassing the whole 4shared thing, just gotta find somebody that knows what theyre doin with this internetz stuff

Brian said...

The link isn't there anymore.. Does anyone still have the folder or an alternate link?