Friday, April 23, 2010


(Fresh Basil Crew / Miami, FL)

Miami is a crazy competitive city so the jockey's down there definitely have to stay up on their game. That said, SD Vega from The Fresh Basil Crew keeps it moving right here with some dancehall and house edits to keep em goin louder, longer, stronger, faster, harder....



Nothing like some fresh basil:
*This site is an absolute must if your visiting Miami*

~On a side note Miami is in my 5. My 5 being the cities Im considering moving to whenever I decide to get outta Philly for a while.

MY FIVE (in no particular order):
3.San Francisco
4.New York

leave a comment saying where your 5 cities are, or a comment about anything. 1000s of people come on this site weekly and Ive only seen like 20 comments total, interact with me people!!


CrowdCTRL said...

Nice to see my fellow Miami DJs representin' !!

Im good for the time being here in Miami but if I had to move somewhere else it'd be to one of the following 3:

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Los Angeles, CA
3. London, UK

Ree said...

My next move is Copenhagen, Denmark

My list would be..
1. London, England
2. Cape Town, South Africa
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Paris, France

DJ FRE said...

I wouldn't move anywhere. LA is where it's at

DJ Isaac Jordan said...

You know Philly has been really good to me for the past few years so I dunno if it's gonna happen anytime soon but Id really like to live someone else for a few years.... I think I gotta check out London too, maybe my 5 needs to be my 6. Thanks for chimin' in CrowdCTRL, Ree and Fre

Dj B-Wood said...

1. New York
2. Miami
3. Chicago
4. Barcelona
5. Pretty much anywhere nicer or warmer than Pittsburgh.

dinostyla said...

If I wanted to move anywhere it would be to one of these. Not sure what order though as they are all the shiz in different ways.

1. Amsterdam
2. New York
3. Rio

Chazz Rockwell said...

My dude, I'm a former Jersey/New Yorker and made the move out to Barcelona a year and a half ago. Been DJing here since. If you ever feel like planning the trip I'll do my darndest to set you up in some clubs here.

You know I dig the blob you got here. When you going to hook it up and give me a little feature?

DJ Isaac Jordan said...

Chazz... Im forever planning a trip to Barcelona and if I make a few more friends like you out there I'll be staying for a long time.

B-Wood... I'll be out in Pittsburg June 5th n 6th playin at S-Bar and Zen, lets link

Dino... Amsterdamn is on my must visit before I die list but I dont know if Id get too much done if I lived there

DJ Feed Me said...

I just found your blog, but have been catching edits from you for a minute. I do appreciate!

Anyway, I live in Grundy, VA right now (yeah like undy grundy) while finishing pharmacy school but am ready to roll out of here. (originally from Milwaukee WI represent!)

1.) Vancouver
2.) New York
3.) Amsterdam (don't know how long i could last there though.)
4.) Sydney
5.) San Francisco
6.) just because - back to Milwaukee

Thanks again, I'll be back to the blog from now on.