Sunday, June 20, 2010


(Strictly Hits, DMS, Wild 94.9, Kiss FM - Seattle, WA)

When it comes to producers of all things dj friendly, Vic is my fave. Im going to come off like a fanboy on this post but it's ok because VM loves what he does. I never get through a night without dropping something from this dudes extensive collection of edits, blends, mashes, acapella loops, etc. The homie is always pulling some track out I haven't thought about in like 10 years. He's Seattles top jockey and the guy is seriously a black hole of music knowledge. He's been a top artist on StrictlyHits and Crooklyn Clan, keeps DMS blazing with essential edits week in and week out and he's on top of the west coast radio game as well. Here's a couple VM joints to get funky with....

Get Connected:
Get Your Crates right:

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