Wednesday, July 7, 2010


DJ KONTROL (The Remix Junkie - Atlanta, USA)

Atlanta's DJ Kontrol (formerly of 3 Bad Brothaz/Crooklyn Clan fame) is a beast on the blends, edits, remixes and transitions. Side note: If he grew a beard you might mistake him for Jesus. I got a chance to kick it with Kontrol through our mutual friend DJ Manik over the winter and have been using his remixes on the regular ever since. Here's some new joints from the 2000Down regular to keep it extra hot this summer...


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FUSDROiD said...

This is my favorite dj, great remix artist!

Chris (svfusion)

DJ Isaac Jordan said...

HELL YEAH!!! I drop Kontrol remixes every time Im on the decks... appreciate you speaking up Fus