Monday, August 30, 2010


SAT ONE (Dusk/G Lounge/Level 2 - Philadelphia, PA)

It would take about 8 posts just to get started on the work Sat has put into the game. Audio engineer, Music producer, Graff writer, Clothing store owner, Label head, resident DJ at the top clubs in PA and NJ, breakdancer, tour Dj with Jazzy Jeff and Skillz around the world, the list goes on. Im gonna let you google him for all that. The main thing I want to get across about is that in a time when success is usually making people's ego's inflate to the size of the Himalaya mountains, Sat is always staying humble, working his ass off, helping people out when they need it and teaching the younger generation about work ethic and respect. That my friends is why homie stays on top. Take notes and here's some reworks of some classic jams for your throwback set...

and a mixed set from the going party at PYT:

click em!

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