Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mira Arriba

As you can see Im trying to make this blog better looking but hey Im not much of a designer. Thanks to DJ MONARCH (Los Angeles) for the logo on top, I'll be messing around with things over the next few days/months, etc. Im also going thru all my tracks top to bottom, retagging/regrouping and deleting as I see fit (as you can see Im down to O now). Everything that could use an edit that I wanna hold on to gets one so expect some random mixes of music.

Can't believe Ive been here in Barcelona for about two months now, time flies... Im going to be back in Philly from Oct 21th til Nov 1st so everybody around those parts I look forward to seeing you.

Salud amigos


Scout said...

You da man.. !

Cheers bro

Anonymous said...

much respect. you kill it on the edits. seriously.

but as far as design goes... I personally can't stand white text on black. It's hard on the eyes.

DJ Isaac Jordan said...

gracias hermanos, cant wait to get thru this massive cleanup of the tunes on my comp...

ill try to get the white text/black background thing worked out, just have a little patience with me, id rather be workin on music that blogspot designs so its gonna be a process... wish i woulda started on wordpress.

above all, thanks for the feedback, the site is gettin 500-1000 hits a day on the regular (thanks everybody) and still hardly any comments so I get pretty stoked when I see some people speakin up.

say somethin... what your feeling, what your not, a compliment or some critizism


fredware said...

respect for the edits. much appreciated.

Ree said...

Tracks look good. Downloading.