Monday, November 8, 2010


MYNDSET (Los Angeles, USA)

Myndset is from outer space but he currently has taken humanoid form and is producing dance tracks while he's here on our little planet. There's also talks of a starring role in the upcoming Men In Black 3 movie due out sometime next year. If you are a DJ that plays anywhere where people like the boom boom boom boom your gonna want to download this sixpack from America's number one alien....

I'll Be Around (Myndset Remix) - Spinners
Embrace Your Inner Freak (Myndset Bootleg) - Estelle
Fancy (Myndset Remix) - Drake/Swizzy
Raining (Myndset + Bandoma Edit) - Kaskade/Adam K
Kickstarts (Myndset Remix) - Example

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Scout said...

Yes. Just in time a mini mix i've got on the stove tonight..