Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Una semana mas...
One more week...

Going back to Barcelona this upcoming Monday. It's been a helluva time back here in Philly, great seeing all my peoples [Sat1, Elvis, Royale, Manik, Venu, Nema, Jackson, Panther, DigiDave, Zack, Bruce... shit too many to list] and rocking the clubs [G Lounge, Voyeur, Whisper, Dusk, Foundation Room, Recess, Zen, Level 2.. .too many again].

Had a great talk one of these guys the other night after a show and he got me motivated to get posting more regular. So thanks to that anonymous motivator if you dig what goes on in this space.

I've been travelling around the Northeast (on trains for the most part because of I love how much work I get done on them and they just really seem to relax me) and during that time I've finished up about 100 new edits in the past month. I'll be releasing them as well as some of the tracks people have been sending over the next couple weeks and I'm also once again working on a redesign of the site, so keep your peepers peeled and lets keep this thing movin'...

some tracks that I like for open format parties....

Say Say Say (House Rmx/Edit) - Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney
Raise Your Glass (Liam Keegan Rmx/Edit) - Pink
Welcome To The Jungle (Edit) - Guns N Roses vs DLG
Apache (Edit) - Sugar Hill Gang *Quantized Quick Mix

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