Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm very excited to announce that I'm joining forces with one of my favorite record pools:  My collection of edits, transitions, redrums, cutdowns, mashups, blends, intros and everything in between is going up there.  My older work and everything I do from here on out will be available on breakz.  I will also be taking requests through the site for edits of whatever else you feel your dancefloor needs.

A bit of background on how it all came about: I first got introduced to Breakz R Us by my homeslice DJ Sat1 who told me that Jazzy Jeff was using it.  So Sat showed me the site and I was impressed, so naturally I signed up and have been using it ever since.  I've used it since my last months in Philly, I used it during my time in Barcelona and have been using it ever since I came to New York City.  As fate would have it I ended up meeting the Breakz team over drinks and we had a great talk about the industry, music, the profession and by the end of the conversation my work had a new home.

What do I like about the site? It's very easy to navigate and there are sections for all genres of music, dirty and clean intros, instrumentals, acapellas, house, hip hop, pop, electro, indie dance and more.  Multiple remixes for every big tune - it's super easy to navigate and preview.  Also, there's no feedback required to download and weekly and monthly charts are updated daily.  It's been around since 2004 and has well over 10,000 songs (I think it's closer to 20k).

I could keep going on about the benefits, but right now they are offering a free two day registration so you can check the site out for yourself and see exactly what your getting for your money and why it's the one stop shop for everything you need to excel in the craft.  There are two types of memberships: a Gold (25$ a month) and a Platinum (50$) but I worked it out so anyone that puts "2000DOWN" in the coupon code gets 20% off of their membership and that lasts for as long as you are a subscriber.  So you're looking at $20 or $40 a month depending on which one you choose.  Click the banner on the bottom on of the page and get familiar.

Ok, that was one of the longest things I've ever written on here... For those of you who aren't interested in using a record pool or just don't have the funds at the moment, no worries, I'll still be putting up selected works on this site along with DJ edits that are submitted by followers of the blog so there's that.  Never forget your roots, right?

My sincere thanks to everyone for your continued support.  The blog is just about to go over 250,000 hits which boggles my mind.  If you would have told me that when I started this thing I definitely would not have believed you.

Check out and use promo code 2000DOWN' for 20% off

**** Just put up 50 CLASSIC EDITS including everything from House Party Cuts vol.1 70+ more going up this week ****

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Serena said...

So proud of you bro! Keep up the great work!! Hope to see you soon!