Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starships (One More Time Flip)

Hola ladies and gentlemen.  I realize it's been a while but I've been in Spain and France so the last thing on my mind was sitting in front of a computer.  I see I'm having trouble with the mediafire links so it looks like I have a lot of work to do here.

The trip has been amazing/recharging/eye-opening and all around super fun and I'm very excited to come back into the states and get busy.  Big thanks to the following people for the good times and hospitalities:
Jekey!, Leo!, Dj Cred, Dj Sat1, Sylvian, Suji, Dj Flowfly and the gang from Club Heat, Toni Vegas, Simon, Jeangel, Stan, DJ Muly, Floret and everyone at Kong, Razzmatazz, Ocena Club, Jamboree, Zahara, Mark and the gang at Da Greco, Ivan Van Der Weber, Clelia, Capucine, Maria, Niko, Abe + Gabe at Dos Trece! So many more whoa!

Barcelona, Paris, Montpellier << amazing cities!!

There's plenty of pictures from the trip posted on my instagram, find me @Isaac_Jordan

come say hey this week::
Friday Oct 5 - STK (NYC)
Saturday Oct 6 - Rumor (PHILLY)


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Anonymous said...

Have you ever hit up Throwed in Boston? I think you'd like it!

Anonymous said...

You should come down to Tampa! EDM is blowing up down here seriously. They have a bass wall too!