Monday, December 17, 2012


Big thanks to all of you that kept your eye on this space while I took a couple months to get settled in to my new apartment and spin events in Paris, Barcelona and Montpellier 

WHO'S IN MIAMI?  I'll be down there Jan-23 thru Jan-28 and would like to link up with as many music minded people as possible and to spin a couple events.  If your in the area or know some people that you think I should be in touch with---
contact me on Twitter @djIsaacJordan or 
email me - IsaacJordanDJ [AT] Gmail [DOT] Com

Shout to @TheNameIsRoyale @EOSfmRadio and @sdVega who have already been in contact, I look forward to meeting you guys in person next month.

Download some edits~~

Diamonds (Congorock Remix)(Isaac Jordan Edit) - Rihanna
Some Nights (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Fun.
Too Close (Isaac Jordan Acapella-Out) - Next         
Starships (Isaac Jordan Daft Quick Flip) - Nicki Minaj x Daft Punk
The Party Next Door (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Avicii ft Taio Cruz        
Ownlee Eue (Isaac Jordan Quick Cut) - Kwame          
She Wolf (Isaac Jordan Edit) - David Guetta ft Sia        
Fight The Power (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Public Enemy         
Madness (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Muse 
Hard To Handle (Isaac Jordan Edit) - The Black Crowes

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tutul bd said...

Come check out the top events in miami, and get a peak at up coming performers presented by the Miami Nightlife Scenery .