Monday, January 7, 2013



My hermano and fellow BreakzRUs editor DJ Cred with another a pack of essentials for your open format set.  Christian has been spinning all over NYC recently including gigs at Ellis Island and Rockefeller Center.  DL the 6 pack, follow him on twitter and then click that link to BreakzRus at the bottom of the post to DL the rest of his collection.

Player's Anthem (DJ Cred Edit) (DIRTY) - Junior Mafia
Vivrant Thing (DJ Cred Edit) (DIRTY) - Q-Tip
Been Around The World (DJ Cred Edit) (DIRTY) - Puff Daddy ft Mase
Birthday Song (DJ Cred Intro Edit) (DIRTY) - 2 Chainz
Out Of My Mind (Original Mix) (DJ Cred Short Edit) - Bingo Players
Lost (DJ Cred Extended Intro) - Frank Ocean


remember to type "2000DOWN" in the coupon code for 20% off the lifetime of your subscription.
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