Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Blackout Bowl 2013

Just got back from running around New Orleans, Miami and St Maarten.  A lot of people I want to shout out: New Orleans crew: DJ Martial, DJ Freefall - Miami peoples: Dzarector, DJ Blaze, DJ Mainstage, Iron Lyon - St Maarten: DJ Martial, DJ Schuller.  All you guys made for some great memories.  Lots of pics, for those interested check my instagram @djIsaacJordan 

Quite the game this past Sunday, I was rooting for the 9ers and have to say it was great watching them come back after the blackout.  Great halftime show by Beyonce so here's a pack of her jams chopped for maximum dancefloor performance.   

Ring The Alarm (Isaac Jordan Acapella Out) - Beyonce
Ring The Alarm (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Beyonce
Bonnie & Clyde (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Jay-Z ft Beyonce
Naughty Girl (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Beyonce
Sweet Seduction (Isaac Jordan Blend) - Snoop Dogg vs Beyonce
Freakum Dress (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Beyonce
Crazy In Love (Remix - Isaac Jordan Edit) - Beyonce x Jay-Z vs Dj Stylezz
Are You Gonna Go My Way (Isaac Jordan Edit) - Lenny Kravitz
It's My Life (Isaac Jordan Quick Cut) - No Doubt


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