Thursday, October 3, 2013

DJ A.P. - Blurred Lines (NRC Remix) feat. Z Nuff Starr

NRC's Got Ya' Bouncin!

DJ A.P. is practically a household name at this point.  It would be difficult to find any DJ who was playing club spots before the days of Serato/Traktor who didn't have at least one, if not several AV8 releases in their crate (Yes, Fatman Scoop shouting over the Diwali Riddim was essential).  Jersey-boy DJ A.P. was the guy behind the infamous "NRC's Got Ya' Bouncin!"  This drop, omnipresent in his blends (his outta control x gin and juice blend STILL kills it during my throwback hip-hop sets) identified his rise to fame as one of the defining voices of the 90's and millennial party-break era. Since then, he has continued to release dope, DJ friendly edits/remixes.

I was def. sleeping on his remix of Blurred Lines. As I made my way through the depths of soundcloud to dig for jams for the premiere of my new Saturday residency this weekend at one of Rochester's well-known nightspots, Vinyl, I came across this gem.

You can never get enough of those muted guitars and keys in Herman Kelly & Life's "Dance To The Drummer's Beat".  In a feat of creative genius you wish you thought of, A.P. laced the sample with the acapella of Blurred Lines for a different feel, and what many would consider a crowd-pleasing result.  It also features a verse at the end by up rapper Z Nuff Star.
=> You can download a .Zip of the Rap & No-Rap Versions Here(Dropbox).

We're hoping to feature more stuff from A.P.'s vaults.  Until then..FOLLOW: @DJAPNRCPRO


p.s. A.P. recently 'grammed' a pic of his OG AV8 shirt! That's some history right there!

Tweet me pics or the names of your FAVORITE AV8 Partybreaks - 2000Down is compiling tracks for a future .zip to be released on the blog :) - @DJALYKHAN

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