Monday, October 28, 2013

Soundcloud Spotlight: Free Downloads

[All these tracks are downloadable via SC, enjoy!]

Sammy Bananas comin' correct with those progressive disco vibes ft. (Mr. District of Columbia/You Bernie Mac funny, we ain't scared of none of ya!) Wale:

You can't go wrong with Viceroy!

Perhaps it's 'too soon' for this AnthemKingz flip, but it's funny...and it might come in handy soon!
Update the 128kbps version of percolator in your crate with the Digital Dave B-More Remix!

If these next two aren't already on your radar, you're not on the internet nearly as much as you should be!
Dope ballroom/vogue/club edit of MIA's new single, Y.A.L.A. by DJ MikeQ

ThemJeans is always on some next-level disco-influenced future RnB styled house music - this edit, however, is more of a solid disco-y re-rub of Phoenix's 'Trying To Be Cool' - perfect for setting a chilled mood but keeping the energy and comes in handy when the A-Trak remix is 'too hard'.

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