Monday, January 6, 2014

Mixtape Monday: Wood-n-Soo Best of 2013, Ta-Ku's Drive Slow, Homie and Nick Bike's choice cuts of 2013

Wood'n'Soo - 2013 Mix Tape

It's funky, it's dubby, it's disco colliding with hip-hop drenched in soul and it sounds like that one party you didn't get invited to but desperately wish you had attended.

I feel like Wood'n'Soo exist in some alternate Canadian universe where you can still bust out scratch routines and appeal to the repressed inner-bboy/bgirl within us without some annoying masochist GM giving you 'the eye' every time you play a song that's not billboard charted.

For real though, I feel like rocking a bubble-vest and striking a pose in that nu-skool 'jet grind radio' meets the post-millennial warehouse rave B-Boy stance for Instagram while listening to this.

IT'S REALLY AWESOME. LISTEN TO THIS MIX. This is music for the cyberkenetic revolution.
Tracklist over on Soundcloud.

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Ta-ku - Drive Slow, Homie
You're not on the Ta-Ku bandwagon yet?
Where have you been?
This mix is by no means "new" but it really delivers that abstract, laid back bass/trap vibe finely meshed w. some deep jersey club type stuff.  Like the fine gentlemen of Das Racist once said....  

Tracklist and DL via SC.

VIBES, Yall.

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I won't insult your intelligence by doing a write-up for this mix.
If you know @DJNICKBIKE, you already know it's full of dope tracks and smooth blends from nearly every genre under the sun.  I'd describe Nick as a tastemaker and heartbreaker - although I've only really had experience with the former.  Pause. What?

Tracklist and DL via SC.

Def give it a once-over, I'd bet anything there are gems on here that escaped your radar since you probably spend the time you're supposed to be organizing crates lurking on 2dopeboyz and trolling Youtube on your 'other' Gmail account. Play on playa....


I hope this made you laugh - and put you on to some quality music and DJs.

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