Tuesday, April 3, 2012

250,000 DOWN

The blog surpassed a quarter million hits last week, which blows my mind. I remember creating this thing so I could share a few of my edits with friends and it's seriously mind boggling to me that so many of you have bookmarked, retweeted and told friends about this space. Extra special thanks to all the contributors who have shared their studio work and have in effect made all of our DJ sets sound that much better. Much Love!

Post number 250 also went up this week so I'm thinking an edit pack of 25 makes sense for this milestone, here's the link to that...

Acapella-Outs, Transitions, Re-Edits, Drum Edits, Cutdowns, ++

I'm not going to write-up the list of all 25, some are new and unreleased, some have been spotted on the blog before but nonetheless 25 of my favorites that I use on a regular basis and since many of the links from the 4shared days are broken some of you newbies can get your hands on some of those. Thank you everybody!!


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