Tuesday, April 3, 2012


DJ CHEAPSHOT (Skam - Los Angeles, CA)

This DJ/Producer extraordinaire is one of LA's most in demand music guys and his bio reads impressively unique.  He's produced for the likes of Styles Of Beyond, Beastie Boys, Linkin Park and Ras Kass, as well as music for blockbuster movies (Transformers, Crank, etc) and television (Jersey Shore, Punk'd, etc), toured with Fort Minor, Crystal Method, My Chemical Romance and he was the offical 2010 New Kids on The Block tour DJ.  The left coast homie has stacks of mixtapes and a grip of hip hop remixes (that's west coast talk for a bunch)--- Here's a 6 pack - download em!

Drop It Like It's Hot (Cheapshot remix) - Snoop x Pharrel
My Adidas (Cheapshot remix) - Run DMC
Bring The Noise (Cheapshot remix) - Public Enemy
Shook Ones pt II (Cheapshot remix) - Mobb Deep
A Milli (Cheapshot remix) - Lil Wayne
Intergalactic (Cheapshot remix) - Beastie Boys

oh yeah, dude is kind of fucking funny--


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