Friday, August 30, 2013

DJ TRAYZE: Exclusive 2000Down Edit Packs and updates on Crafty Daggers and Pi Theory

The champ is here! 
(cue slightly inebriated imitation of Jadakiss' "Ah-HaAa")

The homie DJ TRAYZE just hit us with a HUGE pack of edits, exlcusive to 2000Down.  

[This is how we feel about it.]

When he's not holding down our nation's capital, he's party-rocking in cities across the US.  If you haven't seen this dudes amazing 3Style routines from 2013 and're missing out.

While Trayze stays busy the 1200s, he's also got a knack for production.  Trayze crafts disco deliciousness alongside Stylus Chris and Harry Hotter.  Dubbed "The Crafty Daggers," they've already released several remixes that are perfect for your summer crates.  Check out their excellent remix of indie-pop act Foals below: 

A Craft Daggers album is slated to drop soon! 

In the meantime, enjoy this edit pack:
Chris Brown - Fine China (Crafty Daggers REMIX)
Foals - My Number (Crafty Daggers REMIX)
Robin Thicke - Ooo La La (Crafty Daggers REMIX)

Twitter, Facebook, IG, Soundcloud: @craftydaggers - hit 'em with a like, follow, repost, or play!  Email for more info!


Trayze (dude, when do you sleep?) is also collaborating on another project, "Pi Theorywith DJ Amen Ra. Their production focuses on global bass styles, trap, twerk, moombahton, etc.  Several of these tracks are included in edit packs below, keep an ear out for 'em!  

Peep this bubblin' twerk remix:
Twitter, Facebook, IG, Soundcloud: @PiTheory - Hit up for more info! 

DJ TRAYZE: Exclusive 2000Down Edit Packs

This pack contains a ton of various edits and remixes - multiple styles and genres, plus DJ tools like acapella in/out edits, instrumental cuts, blends, and transitions!  Don't sleep on this, @2000Down Fam! 

**Much love to Trayze for lacing us up proper!!**  

Mind your manners! Make sure you thank DJ Trayze.  
If you really feel like it, you can tweet @ me for being lazy and not re-typing the tracklists: @DJALYKHAN - but i will probably respond to your tweet with Icon Pop lyrics. 

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