Thursday, August 22, 2013

OG's and RMX's: Frankie Knuckles and Animal Collective

OG's and RMX's is hopefully going to turn into a regular column where we'll discuss a particular sample, the tracks that sample it, share some relevant edits.  If you have never heard of Frankie Knuckles, check out our post on the origins of Chicago House and Detroit Techno here

Peep this prime-cut classic house track, 'Your Love' by electronic music pioneer Frankie Knuckles:

This is a well-done 'dub' edit by Karim Chehab.  You can cop the OG version here.  For those of you familiar with the song 'My Girls' by art-house electronic act 'Animal Collective' you will instantly hear the resemblance.  

Personally, I dig this band and their experimental sound.  This song however, definitely required some re-touching to be club/dive-bar ready, so here are several really dope edits for your consideration (streaming/downloads via Zippyshare):

First up, we have an edit by Brooklyn based DJ, Skinny Friedman.  This edit is a bare-bones DJ-friendly track with a solid, thick kick in the intro before the synth melody comes in.  During the breakdown in the middle, the kick is there so you don't lose people on the dance-floor, and it fades out on a flat kick and snare for easy transitioning.
Next up, we have an edit by Hatchmatik.  I love 'Hatchmatiks' Disco Bootleg' of 'My Girls' because of that pumping bass he drops right after the intro drums.  This meshes perfectly with the hypnotic nature of original, giving it that warm, dream-like, disco-house feeling.  I've been using this to get from indie-pop / disco stuff to harder disco and disco-house tracks with great success.

Last-up, we have the Gigamesh 'Proper House Remix'.  Gigamesh has been one of the most consistent producers/DJs to come out in recent years.  Nearly everything he puts out bangs, and has crossover appeal.  Right from the start, the arpeggiating synth gives off friendly, approachable, fun-loving vibes.  The verse breakdown in this one is dramatic, but right when you might think it's getting 'drawn out' Gigamesh throws in a clap, and then kick drum to keep the energy going.  This has been a staple in my indie-dance/hipster (is that word socially acceptable yet?) crate for a bit.  When played at the right time for an audience that appreciates Animal Collective, it goes over really well. Set a cue point 3 and a half minutes in, jump to it after the first chorus, and hope the floor doesn't cave-in.  The track fades into a pretty flat outro, which gives you some versatility with regard to the direction you want to take your set.

Which was your fav?  Got any suggestions?  Hit me up via the comment box below or on twitter: @DJALYKHAN

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