Friday, August 23, 2013

FUNKY FRIDAY: Classic CHIC and CHERYL LYNN Re-Edits by 'Get Down Edits'

Today we're proud to share the work of Get Down Edits, a soulful pair of DJs out of Ireland.  They've been on my radar for quite some time, always delivering quality, versatile, and useful material.  Their edit selection is choice, and they put real heart into everything they do.

Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real [Get Down Edits Quick Fix]

First up, we have the 'Get Down Edits,' "quick fix" of Cheryl Lynn's party classic, "Got To Be Real."

The original track is a timeless, epic disco jam  and there are certainly situations where you just wanna drop that amazing horn intro over an acapella-out edit of some new-jack swing or hip-hop and take the dance-floor to the next level.  It's also a wonderful way to change direction mood-wise, or to kick-off a throwback set.
Digger's Note: On the original recording David Shields played bass, David Paich played keyboards, James Gadson played drums and Ray Parker Jr. was the session guitarist. Can you say all-star cast?!
Best practice generally dictates that you shouldn't mess with a classic, but 'Get Down Edits,' are one of the few exceptions to that rule.  Their edit starts off with a nice intro - thick drums accented with just the right amount of minimal guitar twang that rolls into a '1,2,3..!' count-off before the horns drop into the main melody.  Sonically, it's full and crisp.  Cheryl Lynn's vocals are clear, and if you listen closely you hear the 'wah' of the rhythm guitar, the pluck of the bass, and those warm, funky keys.  When I said quality, I wasn't kidding.  Download/Stream via Soundcloud:


Chic - Everybody Dance (Get Down Edits Very Quick Fix)

Digger's Note:  This single features Norma Jean Wright on lead vocals and Luther Vandross on background vocals!  The B-side to the 1979 reissue by Atlantic features the infamous 'Yowsah! Yowsah! Yowsah!' by Chic - listen for that amazing electric piano solo and wonderful orchestral production. The phrase 'Yowsah! Yowsah! Yowsah!' was actually coined by 1920's Jazz Violinist Ben Bernie.  And yes, Nile Rodgers had a career before Daft Punk. 

This edit opens with full, groovy bass and drums, the track builds for a minute before the wonderful and timeless piano melody drops - you can't not appreciate those chord changes.  The chorus comes in around the three minute mark, followed by Wright's sultry, lovely vocals.  She croons "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing..."  I am inclined to agree.  Download - click here - via Soundcloud.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, good luck with your gigs!  I hope you find these posts useful.
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