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DJs - Thank you for continually supporting the work we're doing here at, we've seen our page-views nearly double this past week! We are constantly putting together and curating content we think working DJs like ourselves will find interesting and useful.  While we are known for showcasing the talent of DJs here and abroad through posting exclusive edit packs, we're trying to go beyond that. We want our contributions to 'DJ Culture' to be meaningful.  More importantly, we want to foster a culture built not only around the promotion and sharing of good music, but on a solid ethical foundation that values mutual aid, professionalism, creativity, integrity and (especially) community over the cutthroat and competitive attitude pervasive in the 'game' today (that's what promoters are for, right?).

So here's to the revival and persistence of a blog by DJs for our fellow DJs - that understands and is rooted in the values of community, friendship, and sincerity.

It's something we all learned at one point but may have forgotten along the way:
sharing is caring.

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DJ A-KO: Summer Forever Vol. 2

Not too many DJ's know what it's like to 'run the town.'  I'm not talking about rising to fame or prominence in a particular 'scene' - I'm talking about holding down an entire city.  From clubs, to private events and prime-time radio mixshows, DJ A-Ko was 'all city' in his hometown of Rochester, NY.  His status as one of the top party-rockin' open-format DJ's in Rochester was written (quite literally)  in the widely circulated CITY newspaper, where he was voted 'Best Local DJ' in 2008, and nominated for the same title the following year. Having risen to the top in Rochester, he spent the next couple of years refining his production chops, tutoring up-and-coming DJ's in the art of crossfader manipulation and playing shows all over New York.  He has since planted his feet in the city of Los Angeles, where he is a featured DJ at ScratchEvents, maintains a residency at Broadway Bar, and plays private and public engagements for a wide variety of corporate clientele.

Aptly titled given it's feel-good vibes, 'Summer Forever 2' is a wonderful excursion through familiar and new territory covering a multitude of genres from trap and hip-hop, to house, rock, nu-disco and everything in-between.  A comprehensive and engaging listen, A-Ko cuts with taste and dexterity. His transitions go beyond simple beat-matching - there is a 'musical' quality to the way  in which the melodies and rhythms intersect.

Caution: listening to this mix might cause you to spend the next hour or so on Google looking up the tracks and hidden gems woven into this finely curated mixtape.  Consider yourself warned!

We'll be featuring some more content from the talented west-coast DJ and turntablist on the blog very soon.  In the meantime, stay up on A-Ko's busy tour schedule, edit packs, and awkward humor here: @HeyAko.  Peep some edits and remixes on his Soundcloud.


 DI VIRTUE: Summer Sessions II

NYC-based DJ VIRTUE has been killing it for quite some time now.  While a lot of DJ's are scrambling to 'cash-in' on the 'EDM' craze, Virtue has been steadily putting in work - his bootlegs are trending on several different pools right now.  There is no denying DJ Virtue's love for, and adroit mixing of big-room house anthems.  Summer Sessions II hits hard right from the start, and does a great job of maintaining the energy and vibe of a fun summer club-night.  Excellent selection, intelligent mixing - warm vibes all around.

You can easily tell a poorly mixed house set apart from an expertly mixed one.  DJ Virtue isn't adhering to the prescribed minimum, he's setting a standard.  Follow him on Twitter: @DJVirtue & Soundcloud.


DJ AUDIO1: Hustlin (2001 DnB Mix)

San Francisco's DJ AUDIO1 is a true DJ's DJ.  He regularly rocks crowds all over the Bay Area, gigs out-of-town quite often, and is one of the nicest, most humble, and skilled guys to ever step behind a pair of turntables.  His edits, remixes, and blends are always on point.  His style, selection, and technique surpass common notions of 'open-format' DJ'ing - you can easily spend a couple hours on his Soundcloud, jaw on the floor.

When Audio1 put this Drum and Bass mixtape online, I was ecstatic.  Like many DJ's who were influenced by the dynamic sounds of the urban-industrial 90's and early 2000's, I fell in love with the energy of DnB, and the way it meshed and intermingled with turntablism and other underground subcultures.  The global influences in Jungle music spoke to me, bridging dubby roots reggae and dancehall, jazz, techno and house music alongside hip-hop in more than just musical elements - it was a tight-knit and supportive community (or 'scene' as white dudes with dreads and olive cargo pants might say).  I have very good memories of being a teenager in Philly and learning about obscure Canadian white-labels and the UK 'bass' scene by stopping-in at Cue Records on South St. (and talking to the folks at 611!). There will always be a place in my heart for Jungle & DnB.

This mix is a masterpiece. Audio1 deftly weaves boom-bap hip-hop classics alongside an eclectic selection of true-school, funky DnB tunes.  Go ahead and click the Soundcloud link to peep the track-list, and try not to salivate.  This mix broadened my knowledge and understanding of DnB as a genre, and made me realize how much I truly appreciate this style of mixing.  'Big-Up All Junglist Massive!'    

OG's and pioneers aren't mutually exclusive categories: DJAudio1 undoubtedly fits both.  Take some time to appreciate this mix, and check back here soon for some exclusive material from the man himself.  

You can catch Audio1 on air Saturday nights from 1-4am PST on HOUSE NATION on 99.7NOW!
Follow him on Twitter: @DJAUDIO1.

Well, that's #MixtapeMonday for this week!! Shout-out to all the DJ's who submitted mixes, and thank you to the featured DJ's: A-Ko, Virtue, and Audio1.

Which did you like the best? Hit me up on Twitter @DJALYKHAN or via the comments below.

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