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VICE: 2000Down Exclusive! New Single, Interview, and Edit Pack

DJ/Producer and international playboy VICE (SKAM) chats with 2000Down about his new single "The World is Out Playground", the golden days of the HollaBoyz, and (in true 2000Down fashion) graces us mere mortals with a hard-hitting .zip of edits!

Some people might assume that a DJ who regularly headlines at Vegas hotspot Tao, NYC’s celebrity hangout, Marquee, and Hollywood’s exclusive XIV would be the farthest thing from down-to-earth. Those people haven’t had the good fortune of getting to know the guy behind the logo on the freeway billboard, Vice.  Humility isn't simply a component of his image or a bullet point nestled into his impressive EPK. Vice, by his nature, is humble, hardworking, and dedicated not only to his craft, but to advancing ‘DJ Culture’.  To put it simply, Vice is ‘that dude’.  

Vice’s vision for music has been informed by years of taste-making, record-breaking, and giving party-goers a musical experience that is impossible to forget.  Impeccable; his production negotiates musical and artistic integrity with what Vice knows a mainstream audience will identify with and dance to. His melodies are undeniably catchy, and his drum programming adroit.  Vice’s production never fails to generate that ‘feel-good’ warmth you can’t help but vibe with.        

His new single, “TheWorld is Our Playground” (featuring Mike Taylor), is no exception.  A veritable ‘International Players Anthem’ for the millennial generation, it’s a pop-house crossover hit with playful lyrics and killer instrumentation.  The bass and piano roll-in smoothly, laying the foundation for Taylor’s approachable and adventurous lyricism.  As soon as that electric synth melody hits just after the pre-chorus, you’re hooked.  If that wasn't enough, the track is further complemented by tasteful city (and country) shout-outs that span the globe.  The appeal of this song isn't found in a massive label-run PR campaign, it’s in the music itself, a pop-house sing-a-long anthem.  Vice just returned to the states from touring in Australia and Bali.  The world might not be a playground for the rest of us, but it sure feels like it when this song is on.

Give it a listen via the link above, and scroll down for the Interview and Edit Pack!


Tell us more about the HollaBoyz golden era? Aside from putting out one of the most recognizable and hype party breaks, what else was accomplished both personally and professionally during that time? How has the game changed since the days of Buko Breaks v. 1?

The HollaBoyz was DJ Echo and Myself. It was created as a joke that turned into a successful party break making DJ gang! We accomplished learning how to successfully create our own party breaks (MPC 2000 & Pro-Tools) negotiate with vinyl pressing plants and distribute our vinyl world wide all while telling people we were the HollaBoyzhaha. The game has changed as well now due to technology, if your reading this I'm sure you know!

As a resident DJ for Power 106 who has continually pushed the envelope and redefined open-format DJ'ing on air, what challenges did you face in communicating your vision, and what is your take on the 'radio-mixshow' DJ today?

When I first started radio in 1998 there were no challenges, It was all about getting on the air and showing your style and skills to your listeners. As time went on and radio mix show tightened up their rules the more it pushed me away. It's like telling a painter to paint a picture with only 3 colors - not going to happen if you have a different vision. Don't get me wrong I still feel "radio-mixshow" is extremely important I just hope the control is in the DJ's hands and not the upper management. At the end of the day that mix show DJ was hired because of their talent not to read a playlist and mix what it says.

What is your favorite city or cities to DJ in and is there one city that you've played that you just wanted to stay and call home?

In the US it is Vegas and Miami. Vegas because no matter what day or night of the week you are out…people GO IN! Miami because the girls look good!!

Where there any particular radio DJ's or mixtapes that particularly influenced you as you were starting out?  Are there any mixtapes currently in rotation in your car / on your iPod?

Growing up in Los Angeles I listened to a lot of KDAY 1580am radio mix shows as well as DJ Rectangle mix tapes. On top of that I tapped every episode of YO! MTV Raps to catch any DJ or scratching in music videos. Currently I am listening to talk radio in my car…TRUE STORY.

What's it like being on the SKAM roster?  (I'm sure a lot of DJ's might glamorize the lifestyle, but can you give us some insight into what its like to be on the road the majority of the year?)

SKAM started off as a small crew of DJ's that felt like a non-stop bachelor party. Like any business that is successful, SKAM grew. SKAM now has a massive roster that is full with world-wide talent. There are even some that I have never met, but when we do come together it’s always a PARTY! A party that always ends in "Late Nights and Early Flights".

The travel is nonstop as I’m doing this interview in the back seat of a car service leaving LAX and taking me home…I'm about to throw up from the stop and go traffic and the fact that I am typing on a computer.

The transition from DJ to producer comes easier to some than others, what was your experience, and what's next for you? 

Not that anything comes easy because a lot of practice and patience is involved with what I do but knowing what sounds good on a dance floor comes quick to me because of how many years I have been in this game. I have bounced back and forth from producing since 2002 but have really started to focus and put my heart and soul into it these past four years. Get ready I've got some genre bending music coming!

Put us on to your shoe game!! What kicks are you rocking right now, and what are the top pairs in your collection?

Nike Air Classic BW OG are currently on my feet (google that). Top pairs are my Jordan 1's OG & Black Cement Jordan 3's 

If you were to do a 4 turntable set next Friday at a low-key spot in LA for the fun of it, who would you invite to rock with you?

Jazzy Jeff…you did say turntables right…I gotta brush off my skills because I switched to CDJ's about 2 years ago.

Playing Vegas as often as you do - how do you keep your sets fresh?  What is your approach to programming?

First and foremost I don't plan any of my sets. I am constantly searching for new music and making new playlists full of random tracks. With Vegas being such a tourist crowd you have to be ready for a different set each night. I play for the crowd every night.

Is there a particular DJ whose edits always make it into your crates? 

DJ BeatBreaker

What are your thoughts on the festival scene? do you ever feel pressured to take your sound (or sets) in that direction?

I definitely give my sets a festival feel, anything from Big Room tracks to sing-a-long anthems. I’m a fan of festivals…I always have been. Just hoping the pics of me from raves back in the day never hit the internet.

Any working DJ knows that opening a room is far more difficult than prime-time, so if/when you're on for the entire evening how do you go about building that mood in the beginning of the night that allows you really take the crowd somewhere?

I seriously would be lost at this point. I am so fortunate that each and every night for the past 8 years I have never opened a room. Although I have played a corporate event that could be considered an opening set but at a nightclub I can't remember my last time.


In the spirit of sharing (something we're into at 2000Down), here is an edit pack that features several crucial big-room house anthem from Vice and Melbourne-based veteran Sgt. Slick.  

WhoDynamic Bonkers (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Sunrise Promisetropolis (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Take Me Gangster (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
The Longest Free (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
I’ll Follow Reload (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Out Of Ice (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Platinum Kill (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Don’t Let The Bitch Get ‘Cha (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Fire Breather Education (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)
Flashbang Clocks (Sgt Slick & Vice Edit)

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