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DJs - Thank you for continually supporting the work we're doing here at, we've seen our page-views nearly triple in the past 2 weeks! We are constantly putting together and curating content we think working DJs like ourselves will find interesting and useful.  While we are known for showcasing the talent of DJs here and abroad through posting exclusive edit packs, we're trying to go beyond that. We want our contributions to 'DJ Culture' to be meaningful.  More importantly, we want to foster a culture built not only around the promotion and sharing of good music, but on a solid ethical foundation that values mutual aid, professionalism, creativity, integrity and (especially) community over the cutthroat and competitive attitude pervasive in the 'game' today (that's what promoters are for, right?).

So here's to the revival and persistence of a blog by DJs for our fellow DJs - that understands and is rooted in the values of community, friendship, and sincerity.  
It's something we all learned at one point but may have forgotten along the way:
sharing is caring.

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Editors note: We don't pop molly we rock Tom Fords
with that being said...the premiere of  'MIXTAPE MONDAY @ 2000Down'

Get your day started off right! Every week we'll do our best to bring you a diverse selection of mixes from top selectors - something for everyone!

First up, we have Jukebox hero and North Carolina heavy hitter, DJ YONA.  Yona's new deep-house mixtape, Low Tide, has been on repeat! Its strength lies in its versatility.  Showcasing the diversity of electronic music, it really sets the tone for a number of moods.  It's a great mix to start your morning commute with, power through work, or vibe to in the early evening or even late at night.  Stream/Download below.  Follow Yona on Twitter (@DJYONA) & Facebook.  


Fresh off of his Red Bull Thre3style win(s) Four Color Zack is really shaking things up.  If you haven't seen a video of his highly entertaining and creative tone-play routines, you're missing out.  He is at the forefront of open-format DJ'ing, yet stays killing it with old-school integrity and skills.  His mix for LA's infamous Power106 is no exception. Class is in session!!  Follow Four Color Zack on Twitter (@FourColorZack) & Facebook.  Stream/Download below:


Saving the best for last - Philly native DJ Excel crushed it at the Do-Over  earlier this summer.  The mix is nothing short of amazing.  It's an 80 minute journey through nearly every genre under the sun - expertly mixed, cut, and selected.  I got to see Excel live a couple weeks ago at a happy hour event in center city and was blown away.  If you haven't had the good fortune of seeing this man on the 1200s, be thankful this recording exists.  Follow Excel on Twitter (@DJExcel), check out his dope production outfit (with DJ Impulse), Alfa Paare, and stay-up on his Soundcloud.
Stream/Download his incredible set from The Do-Over LA here:
Thanks for checking out Mixtape Monday @ 2000Down!  Let us know what you think via the comment box below!

- @DJAlykhan 

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