Monday, September 23, 2013

Mixtape Monday: DJ Royale - The American DJ : Chapter Black

DJ Royale - The American DJ : Chapter Black

AwwYeah It's MIXTAPE MONDAY @ 2000Down.

DJ Royale has been steadily killing it for the past couple of years.  If your first time hearing or seeing him was on VH1's MOTM, you weren't paying attention to the waves our bow-tie wearing homie was making in Philly, AC, and up and down the East Coast.  Dubbed 'The American DJ', the release of 'Chapter Black' coincides with Royale's renewed push to  brand himself as a genre-diverse party-rock DJ with big-room and festival sensibilities. This mix is masterfully crafted, venturing into all sorts of interesting territory.  The energy is consistent, the transitions between 'moods' are creative and tasteful, and Royale's cuts are tight.  It's easy to 'over-do it' with 'festival' genres these days (, so it's worth noting that Royale brings that (club-friendly) festival vibe  without causing that pain-induced wince common to Bro-Step 'EDM' these days.    

Peep this dope mix (stream/DL via SC), and Follow DJ ROYALE.

(P.S. His 3Style set is pretty damn awesome)

DJ Royale - PHILLY REDBULL 3STYLE from Royale Vision on Vimeo.

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