Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mixtape Monday: Nick Bike, Random Bass Crew, and DJ Isaac Jordan


DJ NICK BIKE: Bugged [An Alternative Voice Experience]

First up is Vancouver-based funk master general DJ Nick Bike.  An accomplished DJ and talented turntablist with crates deeper than most, he's made name for himself playing shows in Canada and the US alongside pioneers like Skratch Bastid. His edits and originals, many of which are free on his soundcloud, have been co-signed by Cosmo Baker and other heavyweights in the open-format game.   Nick puts out a superbly curated monthly mix series, gigs constantly, and still finds time to put together really neat projects like this one: Bugged.

Bugged is an exploration of one of the coolest instruments to have emerged during our short time on Earth, the vocoder / talkbox.  Nick's mix catalogs the use of the vocoder by blending the recognizable sounds of talkbox trailblazers Zapp and Rodger alongside lessen know, but equally as funky cuts.

In the words of the man himself:
I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed putting it together and learning about one of electronic music's most fascinating and mysterious production tools.
We're planning to feature some of Nick's famous edits (original recipe) in a future post.  In the meantime, enjoy the genius, skill, and love that went into 'Bugged' and follow Nick Bike on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


R▲ndom B▲sS | Summer MixT▲pe | Chicks love b▲sS v.2

From the urbane streets and sandy beaches of Barcelona, we bring you 'Chicks Love Bass v. 2' by The Random Trap crew.  Comprised of DJ's Muly, Jekey and Matt Venice - kings of Barca nightlife, the mix is a journey through the ever-popular and summery (and sexy) world of tropical and global bass.  This is what sunshine, bikinis, and the ocean smell like as the sun sets.  Follow the Random Trap crew on Twitter and Facebook.



2000Down founder and all-around 'cool dude' DJ Isaac Jordan just posted a recording of his live mix for Wired 96.5 which aired this past Labor Day weekend.  The mix is meticulously curated, blending the boundaries between top 40/pop-crossover house and electro in a tasteful and engaging manor.  There's a reason why Isaac holds down residencies on prime nights at top nightclubs in Philly and NYC...If ya don't know, now you know...! Def. cop his most recent 'EDM' edit pack here, if you haven't already.

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