Wednesday, September 4, 2013

REVIEW: DJ Kontrol - Trap Pop 3 EP

Trap Pop 3 stays true to its name, delivering punchy, bass-heavy, yet approachable and original trap-style production blended with several key Top40/Pop/Crossover hit

The result is an EP full of trapped-out sing-a-long anthems.

Kontrol tackles everything from indie sensations Peter, Paul and Bjorn and Florence and the Machine to Pitbull, T-Swift and Icona Pop. In 'I Love A Trick' (clean and dirty DJ-friendly versions included) Kontrol deftly reworks Icona Pop's runaway smash into a hard-hitting trap banger sure to get bodies moving.  His take on Taylor Swift is crisp, with rolling builds and just the right amount of trap hype nestled between the hi-hats and snare hits to snap necks and get the crowd singing.  "I Need Your Love I'm Lost" is the slept-on heater on this release.  Kontrol works some synth magic over Florence's unmistakable vocals, making for a sexy, chilled bass masterpiece.  

Showcasing his eclectic taste and production abilities,Kontrol also includes his remix of an indie-folk-dance classic. "Young Folks Pass The Dutch" takes the coming-of-age lyricism and infectious whistle popularized by Peter, Bjorn, and John’s ‘Young Folks’, and reworks it into a bass-heavy, sharp snare remix - think Young Jeezy drinking a PBR in skinny jeans and a white-t trying to cook like Lil' B.  The final track on the EP is the cherry on the sundae.  "Don't Stop the Party From Getting Turnt Up" tastefully juxtaposes Pitbull's new single with a new-age dirty south classic for a fun, energetic, trapped-out top-40 blend that will have the crowd nodding and singing along.  Don’t take our word for it, give it a spin!  

Kontrol’s newest release is quality – the production is clean, full, and diverse.  The tracks hold their own, but are undoubtedly versatile in the hands of club and open-format DJs looking to bridge the gap between the harder sounds of trap and dubstep with the ever-changing tastes of a mainstream audience.  Essential for that newly-created ‘Turnt Up’ crate.    


DJ Kontrol
Trap Pop 3
Side A:
1.  I Love A Trick (Dirty)
2.  I Knew You Were Trouble Dunn Dunn
3.  I Love A Trick (Clean)

Side B:
1.  Young Folks Pass The Dutch
2.  I Need Your Love I'm Lost
3.  Don't Stop The Party From Getting Turnt Up

Distributed by Zenith Distribution

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