Monday, December 30, 2013

Big Jacks: Private Stock

Toronto's Big Jacks has been steadily putting in work.  He's one of my favorite party-rockin' DJ's in the GTA and he's also an incredibly talented producer.  We've featured him in the past, and we hope to do so in the future!

His latest project, Private Stock revisits a host of millennial rap classics featuring original production and cuts by Big Jacks.  This project stood out to me for several reasons.  First off, the quality is consistent with the quantity - 18 tracks of banging beats and rap-a-long verses from Clipse, UGK, Slim Thug, Rozay, Kanye, and others.  Second, the production is not only on-point, in-key, and crispy, it's diverse.  From soulful sample-based beats to 80's funk, synth-heavy RnB nostalgia, and full blown orchestral sounds, it's engaging and moving. Every tracks is a head-nodder and his use of samples/quotes from classic films like Superfly is a nod to the golden era nexus of funk, soul, and hip-hop culture I can't seem to get enough of.  Lastly - you can tell this was a labor of love.  Hip-Hop aficionados, DJ's, and people who dig good music will appreciate this.   

Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself!  

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Who are you?  
DJ Big Jacks

Where from?  
Toronto, Canada

What do you rep? 

Grand Groove DJs. Black Rap. Fuck Em. 


1st Saturday of the month at Safari Bar.
rotating resident Liive Thursdays at Dazzling Lounge
various one off parties w/ GGBRFUCKEM and other rotating monthlies.
i'm on the road frequently as well so if you need me in your city get at me and we'll talk!

Catch me on air every Monday from 6pm-8pm EST as host + DJ on Backroad Radio where we play the best in new + classic on CHRY 105.5 fm. Tune in via or the Tune In App. 

Did you start as a DJ or Producer? How has this impacted what you do as a DJ?

I started as a DJ. I'm still DJing and loving that but as my musical tastes have grown and expanded I found myself becoming more interested in also creating music and learning that aspect. I still wouldn't consider myself a producer (aspiring producer for sure) by any means as i have a lot to learn and ways to go but i've been making remixes and edits for awhile now to help build on to my resume and put my name out in a new way to people.

Inspiration for this project?

I began working on the concept of Private Stock a few years back, around the time I began working on my mix Black Magic ( which is all 70s'/80's modern soul records. I wanted to also make a project where I remixed known rap joints and put them over loops and sounds similar to that on Black Magic. Something to give these songs a new light and dimension plus to put them into a context that they hadn't been heard in yet. And that's how Private Stock was born. If you listen to both Black Magic and Private Stock you'll hear a sample or two from the mix which I also used on my remixes. My whole vision for this was to come from a soulful place with the sound and it's all tied together with movie clips from blaxploitation flicks because I love all that shit

You're a talented DJ and producer - what's next for you?

Just to keep working. To me i've seen the best results when staying consisten so it's all been about consistency and quality from myself and my GGBRFUCKEM team. Whether it's me, DJ Royale or Bozack just know that we'll be keeping the product coming to ya'll in a variety of ways. Music, mixes, merch and more and we're excited to share with ya'll in the new year. 

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Peace to Big Jacks for taking the time to speak with me, and congrats on putting out such a quality release!  

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