Monday, December 30, 2013

Introducing: JUMBOTRONICS (Trayze, Bonics, EggsJumbo)

Heavy-hitters Trayze, Bonics, and EggsJumbo have formed like voltron to spread vibes by way of club-oriented forward thinking dance music under the banner of JUMBOTRONICS.    

Their take on Beyonce's new single is equal parts twerky, trappy and bouncey yet it maintains the integrity of the original.  Club and crowd conscious yet slightly left-field at the same time.

[Free Download Here]

SH!T is my favorite of the two - a deep trapped out bassey track that revisits DJ Class' infamous bmore anthem 'Tear the Club Up'.  It incorporates so many elements of frontier EDM genres and is perfectly positioned to allow you to transition from a trap/hip-hop set into something deeper, or vice-versa.  The best way to describe it might be 'boiler room ratchet'. Dope stuff. 

[Free Download Here]


I'm not even sure why I'm writing a review of these tracks.  Trayze is a DC based DJ/Producer extraordinaire, DJ Bonics has an infallible track record of party rocking from the club to  the FM airwaves and large arenas as Wiz Khalifa's tour DJ, and EggsJumbo is a talented producer/remixer with a lot of soul.  What more do you need to know? 

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