Friday, March 2, 2012


The Bowie Re-Edit is up on HypeM.  It's my first jammy on there so I'm pretty excited to be on it.  Those of you not familiar with Hype Machine check it out, it's a great way to find music.  Show some love and click the heart on THIS LINK to help spend the word on the Golden Years Re-Edit.
Thank you!


I have a gig for some promoters at Bar Basque this Saturday.  They do some really good spots in the city that could really help me branch out and pick up some quality work.  They're really pushing me to bring a bunch of people to this event under my guestlist.  I explained I'm new to NYC still but I'd do what I could.  I haven't been to Bar Basque yet but people have told me it's a pretty dope spot.  I got the guestlist until 2 so if you can drop in and say whats up. 


There isn't any new edits for you today, it's been a really busy week getting everything up on BREAKZRUS.COM (if you dont know what I'm talking about CLICK THIS).  I put up over 50 classic edits earlier in the week and picked out over 70 of my favorite edits/transitions/blends, etc to post today.  Click this link below to check it....

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